Wider Reading – NEA and Fieldwork

Published Resources

These resources are copyrighted and therefore not in the public domain. If you are logged in you can download them; if you cannot access them your school or college may subscribe and you can obtain a copy from them.

Geography Review – February 2020 ‘Individuality and the NEA’ – an article that explains how individuality may be demonstrated in the NEA; this is particularly important if parts of data collection are carried out by a group.

Geography Review – November 2019 ‘Improving Data Interpretation’ – clear ideas on how to improve data interpretation as part of the write up for the NEA.

Geography Review – February 2019 ‘Using Photos as Evidence in your NEA’ – guidelines as how photographs can be a data source in your NEA.

Geography Review – September 2019 ‘Literature Review and the NEA’ – clear explanation on how to carry out a literature review as part of your NEA.

Geography Review – November 2018 – ‘Using Qualitative Data to Research Place’ – an article that sets out how to use qualitative data as a source of data collection when carrying out NEA research on place.

Geography Review – September 2018 ‘Using Qualitative Data’ – advise on how qualitative data can be used to support research.

Geography Review – February 2018 ‘Understanding Data Sets’ guidance on using secondary data sets and steps that can be taken to ensure it is reliable.

Geography Review – November 2017 – ‘Carbon Cycle Fieldwork’ Ideas for measuring carbon in cities as part of fieldwork.

Geography Review – September 2017 ‘Top Ten Don’ts for the Independent Investigation

Geography Review – September 2017 – ‘Carbon Cycle Fieldwork‘ Ideas for measuring biomass in woodlands as part of fieldwork.

Geography Review – April 2017 ‘Investigating Landscapes’ Range of ways that different geographical landscapes can be investigated through fieldwork in both primary and secondary research.

Geography Review – September 2016 ‘What is Geographical Enquiry?’

Geography Review – February 2016 ‘Using GIS with Census Data’ – practical tips on how to use census data and present it using GIS

Geography Review – November 2015 – ‘Using Census Data’ – Practical advice on using census data in geography fieldwork.

Geography Review – September 2015 ‘Taking Geographical Pictures’ – how to take pictures to enhance geography fieldwork

Geography Review – April 2015 ‘Fieldwork Skills: A Glossary’

Geography Review – November 2014 ‘Using Specialised Graphs’

Geography Review – September 2014 ‘Using Graphs to Visualise Data’

Geography Review – November 2013 – Assessing Landscapes

Geography Review – September 2013 – Using the Bradshaw Model for Fieldwork

Geography Review – February 2013 ‘Practical Geography – Are your results reliable and accurate?- an article that talks through considerations around reliability and accuracy in data collection.

Geography Review – November 2011 ‘Practical Geography – Edgelands’ – an article which discusses potential fieldwork ideas to be carried out on edgelands in urban areas.

Geography Review – February 2012 ‘Practical Geography – Time lapse Photography’ – an article which discusses ways in which time lapse photography could be used to support geography fieldwork.

Geography Review – April 2012 ‘Practical Geography – Fieldwork Notebooks’ – an article which provides ideas for how to use a notebook to record data collection in the field.

Geography Review – November 2012 ‘Practical Geography – Land Use Mapping’ – an article which provides ideas on how to carry out land use mapping.

Geography Review – September 2012 ‘Practical Geography – Correlation and Causation – an article which explains the differences between correlation and causation; a useful explanation for when writing up fieldwork.