The Power of Vinegar!

Today is the first day of the school Easter holidays. As is tradition I spend the first day of school holidays cleaning and generally getting the jobs done that I don’t get round to in term.

In an attempt to cut down the use of different chemicals I have been looking at the use of ‘old-style’ cleaning chemicals.

Cleaning the Microwave

1. Fill a microwave proof bowl or cup with white vinegar, put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes on full.

2. The vinegar will steam and bubble; the steam will work its way into any stuck on dirt in the microwave.

3. Use a clean cloth and the vinegar in the bowl/cup to wipe down the inside of the microwave (however be careful as the vinegar will be hot!).

This will leave the inside of your microwave squeaky clean.

Cleaning out the Washing Machine

Run the washing machine on a boil wash with a cupful of white vinegar in the fabric dispenser drawer.

This will clean out all the limescale, the vinegar can also be used as a replacement for fabric softner.

Cleaning out the inside of the Oven

1. Take a large oven safe dish of boiling water and put in the juice of a lemon.

2. Place the dish into the oven and let it boil until it has nearly boiled dry. (will take a couple of hours)

3. Once the inside of the oven is cool enough to touch wipe down the inside with a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar; because of the steaming from the water it should wipe off easily.


Inside windows (and mirrors) can be used with a diluted mix of vinegar and water  in a spray bottle (use 1:10). Used old newspapers to buff the windows to a shine.

Baths and Showers

Use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to get rid of limescale as well as to make the tiles shine.

All of these tips have come from this book:









Thrifty Ways For Modern Days

It is well worth a read – though I borrowed mine for free from the local library!

When researching this post I found a website that has lots more uses for vinegar. Check it out here.

I now need to get some bigger bottles of white vinegar and a larger pack of bicarbonate of soda, I will look at Costco when I am next there.

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