Sustainable Transport Management in Freiburg, Germany – GCSE Case Study

At GCSE we follow the CCEA syllabus, and the specification requires us to teach ‘one case study of sustainable transport mangement in a city within the European Union(excluding the British Isles)’. I did not have any off the top of my head; luckily the text book has the example of Freiburg, Germany. Below are the resources that I put together to teach this part of the course.

I could only find limited sources for my research as my German language ability is non-existent!

However I have produce a powerpoint and an accompanying sheet for students to record their notes.

Traffic Management in Freiburg PowerPoint

Freiburg Notes Structure (student handout)

Resources used:

Information from the UN Enviroment Programme about Freiburg

Information from a European Commision Report

I also used the pages 196-197 from the textbook Geography for CCEA GCSE.

Image at the top of this post is a tram in the city centre of Freiburg,  from Flickr User REDSKUNK; used under the creative commons license.

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