Stretching the Most Able


I was in Waterstones in Central London on Friday and I always have a browse through their Geography books including the textbooks and I found this title. It was published in 2006 but I had not seen it before.

It is a KS3 textbook designed for stretching the most able students and has a six different units of work.

  • Place
  • Climate
  • Planning in Britain
  • Globalisation
  • Cybergeography
  • Geographies of Consumption

They are well written and the material is up to date and stimulating. 

This brings me to a wider point on differentiation; in my school we teach in hierarchial sets (1-4) for each side of the year group (two parallel populations).  Currently all students follow the same general schemes of work; though the individual lesssons are differentiated for different groups abilities.

I am thinking of trialing out the Cybergeographies unit with my high ablility Year 9 to stretch them. I am not going to get a class set of the textbooks (because I can’t afford them with our budget and I am not sure whether it will work) but I might put together some bits and pieces based on the ideas in the textbook. I will pick up the pace and try to fit this in as an extra unit before Christmas.

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