Spitalfields Market

On Saturday I spent a couple of hours walking around Spitalfields; this is an area of London that I have never been to before dispite always going via Liverpool Street when I go into London.

I followed ‘Trail 1: Spitalfields: the changing face of the City’s backyard’ from Discovering Cities: Inner London: Spitalfields and the South Bank by Andrew Williams, published by the Geographical Association.

It allowed me to experience London in a very different way looking and thinking about what was there rather than passing through on the way to a destination. By using the guide book it gave me an oportunity  to find out more about the geography and history behind different locations.

A some of the pictures I took are below and there are more on flickr.

IMG_1957IMG_1956IMG_1953Graffiti on NewspaperDonavan Bros BagsSandys Row SynagogueElder Street, Traditional SignIMG_1949