Review of 2014 and Plans for 2015

A number of the teacher’s I follow on twitter have published #Nurture1415 blogs, where they review 2014 and set goals for 2015. These have been collated in a blog post by Sue Cowley here. The original idea came from @chocotzar .


As we live in a target driven world, and I am someone who responds quite well to specific targets I have attempted to set measurable targets for 2015; so hopefully in a years time I can come back and review whether they have been met. I am lucky enough to be able to be writing these on holiday, not only the school holiday’s but staying at a cottage in Sea Palling, Norfolk. This has the advantage of being somewhat distanced from everyday life.

Review of 2014

I did not set formal goals for 2014 so cannot reflect on them. However I will go through the key highs of 2014. I have not got five, but instead picked three.

Travel – I was fortunate enough to Travel extensively in 2014. I began the new year flying over the Atlantic returning from the USA. We (my wife and I) were luckily enough to travel extensively in the UK, to Bristol, the Forest of Dean, Leicester, and currently Norfolk. We also went on a Mediterranean cruise visiting parts of Italy, France and Spain. We both visited christmas markets in Cologne and I visited Iceland. That doesn’t even consider the amount of day trips and exploration of London.

Reading – I read a lot of books. This is in part because I am a quick reader, and in part because I have two hour long commutes each day which I am able to devote to reading. In 2014 I read 144 books, and notably read some of the books I have owned for a while but never got round to reading.

You can see what I have read here.

Results – The results for my faculty were good this year. That is good firstly and fore mostly for the students involved. However furthermore it keeps the wolves at bay, both internal and external, which in turn provides more freedom and professional autonomy.


Goals for 2015

Write – I spend a significant time reading; however I think it is important that I spend more time writing, whether that be attempting to get an article published, blog posts, or essays for my degree course. I would like to aim to write at least one blog post a week (50 over the course of the year), attempt to write at least one article for publication (whether it gets published or not), and carry out the writing required for my university course (see goal two below).

Learn – A few years ago I completed an MA in Geographical Education at the IoE, and almost immediately enrolled on a Msc in Educational Leadership. However I am only about half way through the programme. I need to engage with the programme and come up with an action plan to ensure that I make steps to get closer to finishing the programme by the end of 2015.

Teach – I am in my ninth year of teaching, and can therefore quite quickly plan an adequate lesson. However I want to devote more time to planning excellent lessons. This however takes time, and will me to spend less time on administrative tasks. This is is difficult to measure; however if I can produce at least one resource every two weeks that I share on this blog, that would be evidence enough.

Fitness – In 2014 my fitness and weight have stayed the same. My goal for 2015 is to improve my fitness levels. I would like to log what I eat in an attempt to force myself to be more healthy, and also think about what I am eating. I would also like to exercise in some form that is more strenuous than walking at least twice a week.

List of 100 Things – One of the books I read this year was “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast: How to Achieve More at Work and at Home” by Laura Vanderkam. This is an interesting book with a range of different ideas and tips for time-management and productivity in both home and personal life. One of the ideas she talks about is making non-working hours as productive as working hours. One strategy she suggests is to come up with a list of 100 things that you want to do on weekends and then throughout the year work through the list. I am currently writing the list, though I have not got to 100 yet, (currently at 31), and by the end of 2015 I hope to have done at least 50 items on the list [and I imagine by the end of 2015 the list will have at least 100 items on. This will be a list of fun, cheap, day trip adventures, that can be done with little or no prior planning but get me and Kim out of the house on the weekend. This is something we do well anyway; however there are always things that we say we are interested in but never actually do.


 I am looking forward to 2015, however think that this quote is worth remembering:

“If I have a hundred balls coming at me and can only grab only two, I can stress out about missing ninety-eight balls or accept the reality I can grab only two – and make sure those are the most important ones.”

– Mark Reynoso