Pop up Geography Books

While in Waterstones in London a couple of weeks ago I discovered two fantastic books. ‘How the World Works’ and ‘How the Weather Works’. These books are absolutely fantastic and in my mind they are what Key Stage 3 textbooks should be like. I know it is not practical because of how delcate they are but in an ideal world!.



Both books are incredibly detailed and reasonably priced, I paid £12.99 for each at Waterstones. However they are available for less than £10 each from amazon; click on the images above to see their amazon pages.

Pages from How the Weather Works

This page is great because their are pull tabs which you can pull out and the labels tell you about the qualities of different air masses in a depression.

A Pop-Up Hurricane:

How we are changing the earth’s climate:

Pages from How the World Works

Pop-ups showing plate tectonics:

Pop up Water cycle:

The above images only represent a sample of the pages. What I love about the books is how engaging they are. They really draw the reader in!

Tony Cassidy has some fantastic ideas for getting pupils to create pop-ups on his website.

http://www.radicalgeography.co.uk/Rivers.html – Pop Up Drainage Basins

http://www.radicalgeography.co.uk/Coasts.html – Pop Up Coastal Protection

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