My Nominations for the Edublogs Awards!

I have this blog; however I am an infrequent blogger; Google Reader says that I post a blog post less than once every 10 days.

However I read blogs much more frequently; I use the Google Reader to aggregate blog posts and then read them when I have time; usually every few days. I have learnt more in terms of professional development from blogs and twitter than any CPD course.

I ‘subscribe’ to about twenty-five different blogs on Google Reader. There are however some blogs that I find myself constantly reading and ‘starring’ the articles.

There are a number of categories in the edublog awards; I am not going to make nominations for all of them.

However my nominations are below:

Best individual blog – Living Geography by Alan Parkinson

Alan’s Blog ‘Living Geography’ is the go to source for up to date information. Alan is persitently and constantly posting new information. Chances are if it is related to geography education it is on Alan’s Blog.

Best ed tech / resource sharing blog – Tony Cassidy’s Share Geography

Tony’s blog and his associated website is full of great, creative ways for teaching Geography. I don’t know how he comes up with the ideas; but he does. What is great about all of Tony’s ideas is they are creative but realistic. As a practicing teacher Tony must spend alot of his time on these resources and they must be used by a lot of teachers.

Best free web Tool – Triptico Teacher’s Toolkit

Although you do have to download part of this programme I think it is a fantastic free tool for teachers. I have blogged about it previously and can’t wait until it is fully running on the school network!

Good Luck; there are many blogs out there that are worth reading and this is just the tip of the iceburg!

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