HTC Desire HD

I have now had my new phone for 72 hours.

This blog is to share my initial thoughts; this is just based on my experiences. Overall I am extremely impressed with the phone and would not hesitate recommending it to anyone.

The Phone

The screen is incrediably crisp; much better and noticeably bigger than when put next to the HTC Desire.

The phone itself is also much snappier.

The camera is good although seems to lag a little bit; I also wish the shutter button was a bit bigger. Incidentally that seems to be the only button that I have any problem with.

The image below was taken with the camera. (click to see the full size image)

The phone is crisp and clear and seems to pick up reception as well as another phone. The speakerphone is a bit weak however I don’t really use that other than when I am on hold trying to speak to a call centre.

HTC Sense

A great free feature with this phone is the ability to use HTC Sense ( This allows you to find your phone if you have left it somewhere (by getting it to ring even if it is on silent) it will also locate your phone using the in built GPS.

Additionally if you have left your phone somewhere you can divert your calls and text messages to another number. Very useful if you leave your phone at work.

Battery Life

This is the one thing that I was most apprehensive about. However my worries have been unfounded. It has lasted all day on an overnight charge every day so far. It needs to be charged every night; however this is common with most smart phones.

However I only talk on the phone for about half an hour a day and use it for bursts throughout the day. Battery life may be a problem if you use the phone for work and need to spend hours on the phone or spend a lot of time browsing the web. However I do fiddle with it a lot when watching television in the evening.

I have not installed any battery management software; I do have the Battery Left application installed, that just provides a widget giving information on the amount of battery left. According to this application a full battery will last 18 hours and 8 minutes; this is based on my useage. Today my phone that I unplugged as I left for work at 7am will ‘die’ at 1:06 am.

Therefore although the battery life is not great it is no worse than my Nexus One or the Blackberry that I had before that.


A great phone. I did not have to pay anything for the handset and got it as an upgrade on my t-mobile contract. The phone has over a GB of internal memory and it comes with a 8 GB Micro SD card (or at least the one that I got did). What was fantastic was as soon as I signed into my google account it immediately downloaded and installed all the applications (free and purchased) that I had on my nexus one. I would recommend a case to protect the phone, I have the HTC leather case.

The image on the top of this blog post came from the press section of the HTC website.