Great Tohoku Earthquake 2011

It has nearly been a week since the Japan Earthquake struck; this a tragic event that has dominated media coverage. Although the media coverage is currently focused on the nuclear power stations there are still thousands of people that are unaccounted for when the earthquake and wave struck.

As with any topically geographical event I have covered this as a ‘one-off lesson’ interupting our nomarl scheme of work.

However with our Year 10 students we are currently teaching the ‘Restless Earth’ unit so have made the decision to use this as our case study of a MEDC earthquake, and also as a vehicle of teaching  what a Tsunami is.

Below is the PowerPoint that I have put together (you should be able to download it from slideshare):

Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Articles:

Guardian Newspaper

Independent Newspaper

For more information on the Japanese Earthquake the Geographical Association have put together a website here.

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