Flood Management in Wickford Essex

When teaching river management strategies with my Year 10 students I talked about straightening rivers and putting rivers in concrete channels.

However there is great a local example of this that I did not have pictures of; I got an oportunity to rectify this today.

In 1958 Wickford was flooded by the River Crouch. To stop this floods from reoccurring in 1960 the River Crouch was channelised and straightened for the section that runs through Wickford Town Centre.

I took a few photos which are available to be downloaded on my Flickr account here.

Despite being managed the river still is at risk of flooding today according to the Environment Agency flood risk maps.

This area also features in the Environment Agency’s Flood Plan for the Area (December 2009) – PDF

The following website discusses potential plans for the area and plans to raise the river water level to make the area look more attractive.

When searching for information relating to flood defenses in Wickford I found this short video reel from 1958. These were the floods that caused the flood management scheme to be installed.


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