My favourite IT find of the week is Dropbox.


DropBox (www.getdropbox.com) is a website / programme that allows you to syncronise files between multiple computers.

It runs in the background and whenever you save an file into a preset folder it will automatically syncronise them with the website. Then when you log onto another computer (as long as it has dropbox installed) that file will automatically be there.

However one of the best features is that you can also access it on computers without the dropbox software installed using the web site. This will be really useful for me when I create something at home and then forget to save it to my memory stick. I am now saving all my school work into the dropbox folder! It is also backed up incase somethign happens to my memory stick or my computer.

Free accounts get a storage quota of 2 GB.

If you sign up to DropBox using this link (you will get a bonus 250mb in your quota and so will I!)

Thanks to Richard Allaway for the tip off via his twitter feed (http://twitter.com/richardallaway).