2012 Resolutions

I don’t normally make New Year Resolutions. However this year I thought that I would set some goals for 2012. I have decided to post these publicly and the plan is to use this blog to monitor my progress.

GYM – to attend the GYM at least 12 times a month; this works out at three times a week.

My wife and I pay a small fortune for a gym membership; last year there were two months when I only went seven time and one month when I only went eight times. This makes the cost per visit very expensive. If I attend the gym more regularly I will not only be more healthy but achieve better value for money.

READ – to read at least 100 books in 2012.

I enjoy reading and can read fairly quickly; however too often in the evening I will put the television on and watch something of little significance instead of reading. 

I have joined the website Goodreads ( www.goodreads.com  ); this will record the boks I have read and provide suggestions for other books to read. Click here to review my goodreads profile

WRITE – write  and submit at least two articles for publication.

One of these will probably be a reworking of my MA dissertation; I don’t know what direction the other article will take.

BLOG  – write at least one post on this blog a week.

This blog is a useful way to organise my thoughts and gather together notes. I will attempt to write at least one post a week. In addition I will write a 365 day project. This will attempt to be a collection of short paragraphs on basic geographical ideas. This can be viewed http://365geography.posterous.com/.

In addition I will write a monthly post charting my progress towards these goals.

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