Beijing Olympics

I have just returned from a visit to the Bejing Olympic Park.

Beijing Birds Nest Stadium

This is interesting as it is almost a year after the 2008 Olympics and the area was extremely busy. It also helps put in context the current developments going on in East London in preparation bfor the 2012 olympics. It is also an extremely well designed public space. I visited the Water Cube and the Birds Nest Stadium. Both of these sites were very busy with tourists.

Water Cube

I was impressed to see that the Water Cube was in use though in a sustainable way. As well as being a major tourist site selling lots of merchandise it was still in use as a venue. The main competition pool was being used in the evenings for performance of swan lake. This explains the scenery in the picture below.

Water Cube Main Pool

In addition the warm-up pool was being used by the public for a general swimming session and was fairly busy.

Water Cube Warm Up Pool

The birds nest stadium itself though being impressive from afar up close it was a lot less exciting than the water cube. Essentially it was just a sports stadium, all be it a big one, although the water cube was just a swimming pool the design was much more inspiring.


The press centre was a fairly impressive building; unfortunately it was not open for visitors. It would have provided great aerial views.

Beijing Olympic Press Centre

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