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IB Geography New Textbook – Pattens and Change

Last Saturday at BETT I purchased the latest IB Geography textbook to be published (as far as I am aware). The cover price is £25 however I got it for £12.50 as it was the last day of the show!

This covers the core theme and is specifically written for the IB Diploma and in my opinion is much more accessible for students than ‘Planet Geography. I have not taught the core theme for the new syllabus; I teach the Options and the HL extension. However I do teach the population change module for AS Geography.

I am impressed with the layout and the practice examination questions; these will be particularly useful as there are no past papers yet for the current syllabus. There is a varied range of case studies used, some up to date versions of classic case studies such as China’s population policy, as well as some fresh ideas.

I think that there is a good range of activities for students to do; though I think that that some of the points for discussions lack real depth and are almost a superficial afterthought.

Throughout the text there are also continual references back to theory of knowledge; this is something in my school that we don’t do enough – linking theory of knowledge to the subjects students study. At my school, and I am sure we are not alone in this Theory of Knowledge is taught more like a seventh subject rather than something that links all the other subjects together.

Overall I think it is a great book pitched at the right level; there are some really good graphics and diagrams. Amazon allows you to ‘search inside the book’ to see for yourself. As long as there is money in our budget next year we will probably buy it for all our IB Geographers.