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Questioning Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

I have blogged before about Blooms Taxonomy. Below is a list of questions for the classroom based on each level of the taxonomy. Word Document Version


  • Can you identify ….?
  • Can you remember who, what, when, why, how …?
  • Can you picture ….?
  • Who or what were the main …?
  • Can you select ….?
  • Can you find the word for …?
  • Can you recall…?
  • How would you explain …/describe…/show…?
  • When/why/how did….?


  • Which statements/words/support/justify…?
  • How would you compare/contrast…?
  • How would you summarise…?
  • What facts or ideas or words show …?
  • How could you say this in your own words?
  • Which is the best answer? And why?
  • Can you explain what is happening? (and why?)
  • Can you explain what it means by …?
  • What do you predict will happen when/if…?
  • How would you show your understanding of …?
  • How would you solve/find/develop … using what you have learnt?
  • Can you explain what is happening?
  • How would you apply what you’ve learned, to develop …?
  • What would happen if…?
  • How would you use…?
  • What facts would you select to show…?
  • What examples can you find to…?
  • How is …. an example of…..?
  • Can you work out what the structure of … is/would be?
  • What evidence can you find to …?
  • Can you sort out the important information from the irrelevant?
  • What is the function of …?
  • What patterns can you see in …?
  • What is the relationship between …?
  • What are the parts/features of …?
  • What is the theme of ….?
  • How could you show the differences/similarities?
  • How would you group/sort/classify/categorise…?
  • What conclusions can you make?


  • How would you prioritise…?
  • Based on what you know, how would you explain..?
  • Would it be better if …?
  • What is your opinion of …?
  • What would you say is the importance of …?
  • How would you rate/evaluate the….?
  • How would you improve…?
  • What information would you use to support the view…?
  • Give arguments for and against …?
  • What would you recommend?

  • How would you improve …?
  • Suppose you could …. what would you do?
  • Can you say more about the reason…?
  • Can you formulate (come up with) a theory for …?
  • How would you adapt … to create a different…?
  • Can you predict the outcome if …?
  • What is the relationship between…?
  • How would you justify / test …?
  • Could you design/invent a new way to …?
  • Can you suggest an alternative/better way to….?

Image at the top of this post taken from: http://langwitches.org/blog/2011/08/21/blooms-taxonomy-and-ipad-apps/

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Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a useful tool to use when thinking about questioning techniques used when teaching. This is often presented in the form of a ladder.

The image below takes this a step futher and considers the different elements of Bloom’s Taxonomy and links them to different teaching activities. This is a useful tool because not only does it instantly provide an easily accessible list of teaching activities to choose from when planning a lesson, but also classifies those activities. This would mean that  to ensure a balanced range of tasks in a unit of work tasks could be selected from different segments of the wheel.

(Thanks to Russle Tarr who orignally posted a link to the image on Twitter)