Population Jelly Babies

This is a ‘modern classic’ Geography lesson that until today I have never taught myself. I used it today for my performance management lesson observation. This lesson originally came out of a Teaching Geography article; but the lesson that I taught was also influenced by a number of collegues that gave suggestions via Twitter.

I used ‘Sainsburys Jelly Babies’ rather than the real thing. This is because they were on speical offer at 2 bags for £1 rather than £1.28 each. I put the students in groups of four and did not let them eat the Jelly Babies. I did as a special treat let them eat a Bassetts Jelly Baby when they were writing their paragraph at the end once they had written at least five lines.

The PowerPoint I used:

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The Pupil Worksheet / Cards:

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Lesson Plan is here (completed on my school’s internal proforma)

On the whole I was pleased with the lesson and the pupils enjoyed it and learnt something. I am going to do a follow up lesson to get them to develop their essays. I can also reuse the Jelly Babies with another group although I notice some of the Jelly Babies have got belly buttons and at least one has got another bit of anatomy drawn on.