Open Evening

Open Evening is over for another year. Which is good as I find it the most tiring night of the school year.

Partly it is the displays and the preparation in the days before open evening.

This year we did not do anything exceptional but just kept it simple.

We had:

  • What does this do? – Display of fieldwork equipment.
  • Display of pupils word / teaching resources
  • OS Map Symbol match up.
  • A display of World Flags.
  • Your Favourite Place – visitors were asked to guess their favourite place and write it on a post-it.
  • Find the school on an OS Map.
  • A variety of interactive games on in the computer room.

DSCN0313The board of post-its showing people’s favourite places. Some are missing as we used cheap (0.29 per 100 post-its from Sainsburys).


We also produced some good displays (some are shown above); some of which used the display material from the GA and others that used the posters produced by Richard Allaway at .
I have started thinking about next year and wonder if we should dress up as explorers??

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