IB Geography Internal Assessment Titles

Last year I moderated IB (International Baccalaureate) Geography HL Internal Assessments and I have just finished recycling / destroying last years Assessments. As an external modreator these are supposed to be retained until December in case of enquiries on results however this is the first opportunity I have had to drag them out of the back of my garage.

I thought it would be useful to compile a list of titles; one of the most useful aspects of moderating is finding out what other schools are doing. Below is a list of titles; so that they are anonymous I have removed any reference to a named town or geographical feature.

  • An investigation into strategies of coastal management at x.
  • Does River X follow the Bradshaw model?
  • Has the redevelopment of x met its aims?
  • Does the environmental quality of an area improve as the pedestrian count increase?
  • Investigation into the effectiveness of the management of visitor erosion around X.
  • Is x an urban heat island?
  • A study of the psammosere development at x.
  • Does x fit the cor and frame model?
  • An investigation of the environmental quality of four different districts in x.
  • Urban decay in x.
  • The sphere of influence of x on consumer prices for refreshments.
  • To what extent does the  TCV (Tourism Centrality Value) of an area affect the number of pedestrians there.
  • Does the main tourist attraction in an areas define the distribution of pedestrians in the central part of the city.
  • How large is the sphere of influence of X?
  • An investigation into the vegetation succession in x.
  • Gentrification in x.
  • An investigation into  beach processes at x.
  • Comparison of two beaches at x.
  • Land use in x.

In addition to giving teachers ideas for IB Internal Assessment, they may also be useful for students looking for ideas for Extended Essays or Extended Projects.

I may use some of these when planning my fieldwork week in Minehead in July.

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