ChallenGEO – Week 1 – Close to home… #ChallenGEO1

Alan Parkinson on his Living Geography blog has launched a ChallenGeo; read more on his blog here (and if you are a geography teacher you should be reading his blog anyway!).

The first week’s task is to find a location within five minutes walk from home and take a picture that represents or captures its essence.

This was a difficult one – as the tendency would be to take a picture that is beautiful. However I don’t live somewhere that is particularly beautiful. It is a great location – but primarily because of how it is connected to other places.

I choose the view looking down the Whitechapel road; not because of its beauty but because of how it represents the place – the buildings of the financial district with the road heading in that direction; the Boris Bikes and the cycle superhighway to the left; the cars dominating the landscape.


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