GIS Migration Exercise

At GCSE we currently follow the CCEA Syllabus. This requires students, like most geography GCSE syllabuses to have some experience of GIS.

I have put together an activity for pupils using migration data and ESRI’s Arc Explorer Online. This is free and web based. The only requirement is that your computer needs to have the microsoft silverlight plug in installed.

This is the groups first real experience of using GIS, although they have used Google Earth before. The main aim is to get the pupils to have a basic understanding of what a GIS is, and to think about different ways of presenting geographical information.

Introductory PowerPoint – What is GIS?

After the basic information on GIS pupils work through a series of activities. The first looking at Geographical Information presented in a spreadsheet and graph, then looking at a GIS.

The activity can be found on ArcGIS Explorer here .

Worksheets / Instructions for Pupils:

This exercise is very much a work in progress; what is above is my initial thoughts.

Some of the slides for the powerpoint have been adapted from Alan Parkinson’s Teach Share on Free GIS; more information here; other materials have been adapted from the EUROGEO iGUESS course I attended in May,

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