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My GA Conference 2010

Today is the first day of the Geographical Association annual conference. I will only be going this year for Friday morning. This is due to the fact I am getting married on Monday. This will be my fith Conference; and also my briefest.

Therefore my GA Conference will look like this:

9.00 – 9.50 – Ordnance Survey Data Delivery Service Workshop – Ken Lacey

10.10 – 11.00 – Primarily Geography: A Different View for a Bigger Picture – John Halocha’s Presidential Lecture.

11.30 – 12.20 – Workshop: Champion Ideas for Geography in the Classroom – This is the workshop that I will be leading with Paula Owens.

I will also get a chance to browse the resources exhibition and I will blog about my experiences on my return.

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Least Developed Countries

I have not blogged for a while so I thought I would add a PowerPoint I have put together on Least Developed Countries that I am using for my A2 Geography lesson tomorrow.This is an A2 lesson on LDCs (Less Developed Countries) for the A2 Geography Group, we follow the AQA Syllabus and it is in the Development and Globalisation unit. This will be followed by students doing research on a case study of a named LDC.

Download now or preview on posterous

zLDC Factsheet.pdf (52 KB)

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Haiti Earthquake

Because of the disaster in Haiti I devoted some of my lessons today to discussing the recent Earthquake.

I used video clips from the news this morning along with newspaper sections from yesterday (Thursday) and today. I also used the Power Point below.

I did not develop any real tasks but we labelled a map and discussed long term and short term effects along with what aid is needed and the geographical problems effecting the distribution of the aid.

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Stretching the Most Able


I was in Waterstones in Central London on Friday and I always have a browse through their Geography books including the textbooks and I found this title. It was published in 2006 but I had not seen it before.

It is a KS3 textbook designed for stretching the most able students and has a six different units of work.

  • Place
  • Climate
  • Planning in Britain
  • Globalisation
  • Cybergeography
  • Geographies of Consumption

They are well written and the material is up to date and stimulating. 

This brings me to a wider point on differentiation; in my school we teach in hierarchial sets (1-4) for each side of the year group (two parallel populations).  Currently all students follow the same general schemes of work; though the individual lesssons are differentiated for different groups abilities.

I am thinking of trialing out the Cybergeographies unit with my high ablility Year 9 to stretch them. I am not going to get a class set of the textbooks (because I can’t afford them with our budget and I am not sure whether it will work) but I might put together some bits and pieces based on the ideas in the textbook. I will pick up the pace and try to fit this in as an extra unit before Christmas.

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Careers in Geography

Wordle: Careers in Geography (2)

In preparation for students choosing their options I have produced an updated information leaflet about careers in Geography. The majority of the text comes from a leaflet produced by the Geographical Association a few years ago.

View more documents from Graeme Eyre.

You can download the word document here.

If anyone wants to create their own wordle using similar information the text I used to create the wordle is here.

More information about the employability of Geography graduates can be found here.

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AQA A2 Geography Unit 4B Issues Evaluation Exercise

Today I attended a course run by Philip Allen led by David Redfern on AQA A2 Geography Unit 4B, the Issues Evaluation Exercise.

Below are my notes from the sessions.

He also shared some PowerPoint slides that could be used to introduce the paper to students. I have created my own version below; this is very heavily based on his!

You can download the PowerPoint here.

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New Nuclear Power at Bradwell on Sea?

Just down the road from where I live and work is Bradwell on Sea. There has been information in the local press recently about one of the new Nuclear Reactors being built there. There is already a nuclear power station on the site though it stopped generating in 2002, has been fully defueled and is now in the process of being decomissioned.

Page 2 that links with the above article:

Page 2 of Article

Powering Ahead

Bradwell is right choice says MP

Click on the scans of the articles for larger versions.

There is also an online article here.

The local council still maintains some form of contingency plans.

I will be using this when teaching the ‘Old’ GCSE Managing Resources.

Google Earth for Primary Geography

After school this evening I ran a twilight session as part of my role as a Geography Champion.

Eight teachers from local primary schools looked at practical ways to use Google Earth in the classroom. A key point of the discussion was that Google Earth can be used to help use geography across the curricullum.

Below are the materials that I used during the session. Feel free to adapt them for your own uses.

Download the resources here: Using Google Earth in the Primary Classroom and Google Earth Navigation

For more free support for Primary Geography visit the Geography Champion’s NING

The session was appropriately timed as today is GIS Day!