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IB Geography Internal Assessment Titles

Last year I moderated IB (International Baccalaureate) Geography HL Internal Assessments and I have just finished recycling / destroying last years Assessments. As an external modreator these are supposed to be retained until December in case of enquiries on results however this is the first opportunity I have had to drag them out of the back of my garage.

I thought it would be useful to compile a list of titles; one of the most useful aspects of moderating is finding out what other schools are doing. Below is a list of titles; so that they are anonymous I have removed any reference to a named town or geographical feature.

  • An investigation into strategies of coastal management at x.
  • Does River X follow the Bradshaw model?
  • Has the redevelopment of x met its aims?
  • Does the environmental quality of an area improve as the pedestrian count increase?
  • Investigation into the effectiveness of the management of visitor erosion around X.
  • Is x an urban heat island?
  • A study of the psammosere development at x.
  • Does x fit the cor and frame model?
  • An investigation of the environmental quality of four different districts in x.
  • Urban decay in x.
  • The sphere of influence of x on consumer prices for refreshments.
  • To what extent does the  TCV (Tourism Centrality Value) of an area affect the number of pedestrians there.
  • Does the main tourist attraction in an areas define the distribution of pedestrians in the central part of the city.
  • How large is the sphere of influence of X?
  • An investigation into the vegetation succession in x.
  • Gentrification in x.
  • An investigation into  beach processes at x.
  • Comparison of two beaches at x.
  • Land use in x.

In addition to giving teachers ideas for IB Internal Assessment, they may also be useful for students looking for ideas for Extended Essays or Extended Projects.

I may use some of these when planning my fieldwork week in Minehead in July.

IB Geography New Textbook – Pattens and Change

Last Saturday at BETT I purchased the latest IB Geography textbook to be published (as far as I am aware). The cover price is £25 however I got it for £12.50 as it was the last day of the show!

This covers the core theme and is specifically written for the IB Diploma and in my opinion is much more accessible for students than ‘Planet Geography. I have not taught the core theme for the new syllabus; I teach the Options and the HL extension. However I do teach the population change module for AS Geography.

I am impressed with the layout and the practice examination questions; these will be particularly useful as there are no past papers yet for the current syllabus. There is a varied range of case studies used, some up to date versions of classic case studies such as China’s population policy, as well as some fresh ideas.

I think that there is a good range of activities for students to do; though I think that that some of the points for discussions lack real depth and are almost a superficial afterthought.

Throughout the text there are also continual references back to theory of knowledge; this is something in my school that we don’t do enough – linking theory of knowledge to the subjects students study. At my school, and I am sure we are not alone in this Theory of Knowledge is taught more like a seventh subject rather than something that links all the other subjects together.

Overall I think it is a great book pitched at the right level; there are some really good graphics and diagrams. Amazon allows you to ‘search inside the book’ to see for yourself. As long as there is money in our budget next year we will probably buy it for all our IB Geographers.

IB Geography Internal Assessment

In preparation for my upcoming fieldwork trip to Dorset I have put together a guidance booklet for pupils to support them in completing their Internal Assessment. This is to support students studying International Baccalaureate Geography; the new syllabus; first exams May 2011.

This is mostly lifted directly from the syllabus; as this is the first time teaching for the new syllabus I will probably tweak the layout and content before I use it next year. You can download the document from Slideshare.