Social Media MBA in Practice


One of the books that I have read over the last week is ‘The Social Media MBA: In Practice’ by Christer Holloman. Although I am not in business there are a number of lessons for education and all users of Social Media. It is a book that consists of case studies of how different organisations have effectively used social media.

The book is supported by a LinkedIn Group – ‘The Social Media MBA Alumni’, search for it on LinkedIn!

Some thoughts about before beginning projects (on Social Media but could be applied to other contexts):

  • Time spent gaining understanding is not wasted, and should not be underestimated.
  • Taking the time to have a discussion can be more valuable than any report.
  • More haste, less speed. Take the time to plan and carefully implement.

Ideas about starting large scale social media projects:

  1. Start small, build confidence and get your back office in order.
  2. Get the right team of people for the job and provide training if required.
  3. Keep the messages simple and professional.