Sustainable Transport Management in Freiburg, Germany – GCSE Case Study

March 22, 2011 Off By Graeme

At GCSE we follow the CCEA syllabus, and the specification requires us to teach ‘one case study of sustainable transport mangement in a city within the European Union(excluding the British Isles)’. I did not have any off the top of my head; luckily the text book has the example of Freiburg, Germany. Below are the resources that I put together to teach this part of the course.

I could only find limited sources for my research as my German language ability is non-existent!

However I have produce a powerpoint and an accompanying sheet for students to record their notes.

Traffic Management in Freiburg PowerPoint

Freiburg Notes Structure (student handout)

Resources used:

Information from the UN Enviroment Programme about Freiburg

Information from a European Commision Report

I also used the pages 196-197 from the textbook Geography for CCEA GCSE.

Image at the top of this post is a tram in the city centre of Freiburg,  from Flickr User REDSKUNK; used under the creative commons license.