KS3 Programme of Study

June 28, 2009 Off By Graeme

Some people find this time of year in Teaching relaxing because the examination groups have left and people are winding down.

I actually don’t like this time of year, particularly this year as I only gained 3 periods over a two week cycle. My examination groups, and my form are either Year 10 or Lower Sixth so I have to keep going with them. In additon to the normal day to day stuff there is the added pressure of confirming arrangements for next year.

I have spent a couple of hours this afternoon looking at our Key Stage 3 programme of study and tweaking it for the upcoming year. It did not need any major changes as it was overhauled all at once last year.

The main addition is a unit on Glaciation. This is a topic that we used to teach at GCSE but don’t anymore, in addtion on the Geography Teaching Today site there is a new unit of work on Glacial Environments that will be a source of inspiration.


I now need to spend the next month going through and amending schemes of work based on feedback (and if I’m honest in some case writing them).