One of my favourite ‘traditional’ geographical topics to teach is farming. Something which when I started in my present school was not on the syllabus and now have managed to get it incorporated into the Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Post-16 Curriculum.

I think the topic of farming is one that is sometimes neglected from ‘modern’ geographical education, after all we all eat food; 13% of the world’s population do not receive enoough food today.

The image below; the produce flag produced by the NFU is my favourite image to start of a unit on food and farming. I have crisp laminated A4 copies that I use with classes (there is a high resoultion copy of this image on the ‘Why Farming Matters DVD’.)


Of course it is not just teaching about farming as an isolated case study, it is looking at the issues that face farming today both domestically and internationally and how it interacts with other geographical ideas.

A good source of resources is the free ‘Why Farming Matters Pack’ available from Face.

Incidently there was a TV show on about a year ago called Jimmy’s Farming Heros which had some really good information on, if anyone knows where I can get a copy please let me know.