June 28, 2009 Off By Graeme

I am not a big ‘Art Lover’, although I do go to Art Galleries occasionally. I prefer ‘modern’ art rather than more traditional landscapes and portraits.

That being said when I was doing research for this blog post (well really just surfing about on the internet I came across this painting.

An Old Woman ('The Ugly Duchess')

An Old Woman (“The Ugly Duchess”) Quinten Masys

I quite like what the artist has done here and how he has formed a caracture style. I was shock to find out that it was painted in 1513 as I thought it looked much more modern.

The first exhbition that I saw at the Tate Modern was ‘Futurism’

As I know very little about art I paid the £3.50 for the audio guide (actually an iPod Touch loaded with videos about the artwork). It was really informative and well worth the money.

My two favorites from the exhibition were:

Umberto Boccioni Modern Idol (1911)       Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson    Burning Shell (1915)

Modern Idol               burningshell
Burning Shell was much more powerfull in real life, particularly as it was hung at the end of the gallery so that you first saw it quite a long way off. It was really interesting to see the way that futurism develped over time and addtionally the way the paintings were influenced by their own political beliefs and the current events of the day.

I also found it interesting to here that a number of the artists used a number of different mediums. Some of the artists created futurist music, including what they think the future would sound like.

I also saw the Per Kirkeby exhibit; it did not really do much for me; though there was  one piece which I really liked; I think particularly because of its use of colour.


I did not get the name of the piece so this is taken on my phone from the exhibition catalogue which is the reason for the poor quality.