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Paul Merton in India

Following a unit of work on India I watched Paul Merton in India in its entirety. This has some useful clips for the classroom however much is unsuitable for general classroom viewing.  I have created a Index of useful clips. Although I watched it with Geography in mind some of the clips may be suitable for Religious Studies / Education lessons.

Episode 1

00:00 – Paul arrives in Deli; and initial impression of Deli

02:40 – Indian Customs and Etiquette

09:30 – Plane training for people who can’t afford to fly.

16:24 – Deli – a bustling metropolis – talks about population and growth.

17:18 – Monkeys in Deli – a nuisance but can’t be killed – Hindu solution.

21:25 – Dinner with Guide and Deli Professionals (Eating and Customs)

22:55 – Bikanker, Rajasthan – Searching for Bubles – man who saved the town.

26:50 – Karni Mata Temple – Temple that reveres rats.

31.40 – Shivrati – Hindu Festival – Celebration of Orgasim and men doing genetal tricks.

Episode 2

00:00 – Recap of Previous Episodes

00:50 – Punjab (NW) – Breadbasket of India, highest income in country, and Paul Merton walking around city centre.

02:50 – Driving through country – dangerous roads.

03:10 – Man Dressing as women dancing – Traditional Punjab Culture

04:50 – Punjab Police Force (Sikh) – Talks about diet that the polic force have undertaken and Bangra dancing to loose weight.

12:30 – Driving and Horn Shops

14:00 – Book of Records and World’s Shortest Body Builder

18:20 – Indian Wedding with shortest bodybuilder as guest.

19.15 – Delhi,  Blind Cricket Team

25.10 – Japor Summer Palace, Tourist Destination.

27:35 – Hinglish (mixture of Hindi and English)

28:20 – Jaipor Foot – Artificial Lings

32:20 – Ahmhbian – Gandhi’s Headquaters

33.20 – Eunuch’s extortion racquet.

Episode 3

00:00 – Introduction

01:00 – Shillong – Remote Hill Station, Cold, ‘Rock City’.

09:30 – Kolkata – Cultural Capital of India, Indian Stand up Comedian and Indian Humour.

13:00 – ‘Ganges’ Indias’ Holiest River.

18:00 – Schools rescuing children from prostitution.

24:50 – Kochi, Kerela – 500 miles of back water, Fort Kartonion, Trading Posts.

29:15 – Tourism in Kerela and boats on backwater. Kerela’s employment problems.

32:00 – Coconut Picking and Elephants

36:00 – Tamil Nadu – Spiritualism and Street Magic

Episode 4

00:10 – Hyderabad – Call Centre and It Hub – Monsoon’s Arrive /Rain

02:25 – Snow World – Indoor Snow

06:25 – Transport Museum – Giant Bicycles

11:00 – Snake Rescue

20.00 – Bangalore ‘Garden City of India’ – Highest Average Income; Food in Prison

29.40 – Bangalore School – Setting Records

38.30 – Train to Chennai – Artist Paining with Mouth

Episode 5

01:00 – Chennai – One of Asia’s Longset Beaches – Stunt Men on Beach and Laughter Exercises

06:00 – Mumbai – Introduction and Mumbai Railway station, selling plastic bottles.

12:10 – Selling Plastic Bottles, then seeing houses in cramped fishing cottages.

14:30 – Alternative Bollywood – Malagan – Mollywood

24:35 – Mumbai – PG Woodhouse Club

28:30 – Mumbai – Past Life Regressing Therapy

34.10 – Summary of Whole Trip

KS3 Programme of Study

Some people find this time of year in Teaching relaxing because the examination groups have left and people are winding down.

I actually don’t like this time of year, particularly this year as I only gained 3 periods over a two week cycle. My examination groups, and my form are either Year 10 or Lower Sixth so I have to keep going with them. In additon to the normal day to day stuff there is the added pressure of confirming arrangements for next year.

I have spent a couple of hours this afternoon looking at our Key Stage 3 programme of study and tweaking it for the upcoming year. It did not need any major changes as it was overhauled all at once last year.

The main addition is a unit on Glaciation. This is a topic that we used to teach at GCSE but don’t anymore, in addtion on the Geography Teaching Today site there is a new unit of work on Glacial Environments that will be a source of inspiration.


I now need to spend the next month going through and amending schemes of work based on feedback (and if I’m honest in some case writing them).